Jon Fleming

    Jon Fleming

    I am Jon Fleming, the founder & CEO of the Jon Fleming Group. The job in itself has me doing little bit of everything, however my main job is the responsibility of ensuring the success of the Group as a whole, providing vision, high level strategic leadership and management to the whole organisation with a focus on high standards of quality and care along with efficient and effective use of resources.

    I live in outskirts of Glasgow with my wife and kids, seven children.

    My Vision

    I am passionate about the Group and plan to continue growing throughout Scotland and building services that truly enables people to live a life of independence no matter what ability or disability they may have. I am also developing properties over the next few years to again enable people to have suitable housing in the community where they belong. This is what drives us and inspires us to give it our all for the people we support & the people we employ.

    I hope you enjoy the website and keep coming back and checking out other blogs and news feeds. If you are interested in using our services or want to come and work with us or even if you just want to know a wee bit more about us then don’t hesitate in getting in touch.

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