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    Your Mochridhe Care service covers all areas of Edinburgh. We support a broad range of people in their own homes including those living with physical, mental health and learning disability.

    A person-centred approach is a central to Mochridhe care. We are committed to providing high quality support which enables the person to live the life they want. We provide housing support and care at home services to meet the need of each individual we work with.

    You will be supported by a dedicated team of Support Workers who meet your needs. We support service users, if they wish to, to take an active part in the recruitment of support workers for your individual package.

    Edinburgh (Mochridhe)

    Paul Tansey

    My name is Paul Tansey and I have worked supporting people for over 30 years. I started work as a support worker for people with learning difficulties and after a few years became a senior, then a deputy manager and  then a service manager. I have now been managing services for over 17 years.

    I have only worked for three companies over the thirty plus years as loyalty and commitment are important values for me. My management approach is participative. I fully understand that I am not the person who knows best about people. The person themselves most often does and – if not them – the people closest to them be that family, friends or their workers. My responsibility is to create and support an environment where all people involved have the chance to become the best of themselves.

    I am not interested in only supplying ‘Marks and Spencer’s’ support – every person deserves support that is designed specifically for them and by them.

    Hobbies – I love to sing, I love to watch good football and if you ask my wife all sport…., I love to walk my dog and I love to laugh.

    Adress: Bonnington Bond, Suite 50, 2 Anderson Place, Edinburgh
    EH6 5NP United Kingdom

    Phone: 0131 516 8334

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