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    I am very proud to be part of the team here at Advanced Care services under the under umbrella of The Jon Fleming Group, being part of a team, which is supportive and encouraging that also provides a high standard of care across Scotland keeps my passion for Health and Social Care alive. We are a team and a family.
    Care Work, Falkirk
    Advanced Care offer an excellent level of care when supporting my father and late mother. The carers are friendly, attentive and often go the extra mile. There has been no disruption in service and care provided during COVID. PPE requirements were upheld at all times whilst still being able to offer a 1-1 cover in a friendly and capable manner.
    Family Member, Falkirk

    I’ve been with the company for almost 5 months now and it’s been a great experience for me. Since working here I’ve met various different people that have made feel a part of a wonderful team. I’ve built up great relationships with the service users I have supported throughout my time here. I’ve also managed to find skills and qualities in myself I never knew I had which have further boosted my confidence. The company treat me very well and I’m very happy with the amount of responsibility and trust people have in me.

    Support Worker, Glasgow

    All carers are very friendly and capable of looking after the person with complex needs. They are dealing with COVID-19 very well, which can't be easy. My nephew built up a good relationship with all of them. Staff are polite and respectful. I’m very grateful for the care and support been provided.

    Family Member, Glasgow

    The company has grown and expanded since I have joined.  The standards have continued to rise with the managers and training that’s been put in place.  Jon cares deeply about every package he takes on and cares about every person.  He has always got everyone’s best interest at heart and is always looking at ways to make each package better. If you are going to come and get care from the company, Jon will always find a way to make your needs come first. He will always employ the right staff and get the right training for everyone to make your life better. 

    Support Worker, Edinburgh

    I have worked with Mochridhe for almost half a decade; both as a support worker and part of the management team.  This has, is and will continue to be one of the greatest privileges of my life.

    Worker, Edinburgh

    My care is great and my staff are very nice; they understand my ways. My favourite thing is doing crafts with my staff and having a laugh.

    Service User, Edinburgh

    I love my job, the people I work with are great, the management team is great – they are always there to help and answer anything you need.  I’ve had an amazing journey here.  it’s a great company, the clients are well looked after and it’s just a fun place to work.

    Carer, Aberdeen

    Since we’ve had new Management at the Turriff office the standard of my brothers 24-hour package has greatly improved.  We get weekly rotas and have a great staff team of eight that cover the shifts.  Having a staff team that is consistent works very well for my brother and staff. Everyone knows when they are on shift and it lessens his anxiety.  I’ve found the new team to be very approachable, they listen and take concerns on board and try to find solutions for any issues that arise.

    Family Member, Aberdeen
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